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    Indesign is pringing an image incorrectly

    Son of Nukem

      There are 3 designers that are having the same issue out of many in the dept., each of them when printing a specific document from the same printer part of the image is not printed correctly, it looks corrupted or misaligned. When sending the image to another designer the document prints out perfectly. I reinstalled the printer drivers, and matched up the drivers used for the printer. I think this is a setting issue, but i don't have a clue which setting this would be.

      There are two documents. Document A skews only part of the image ever time it's printed from each of the 3 new designers, so say the page is 8/12 by 11 only 2 inches in the document prints out incorrectly. Document B when part of the image is rotated it shows normal but prints a white patch at an angle where the image has been rotated. Has anyone had a similar issue? Also I know there is a workaround of exporting it to a .pdf, but that is not an option for the designers unfortunately.