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      I have been working on restructuring some of my code. I did this by making an index_test.htm


      I am wondering how do i make the index_test.htm into the index.htm

      The main problem i am having is how to change my previous template to reflect the changes.


      Here is the site:






      Any help would be appreciated


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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          The easy way would be to save your current index.htm as index_OLD.htm (or similar) and then rename index_test.htm as index.htm.Upload the new index.htm and it will overwrite the old one.

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            Overtim3 Level 1

            i also have a main.dwt that needs changes though. Remember when you suggested that i detach from the template?

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              Rik Ramsay Level 4

              There are a couple of ways you could do this. You could:

              • Turn your index_test.htm into a template and set the editable regions again. You can then rename the template (main.dwt becomes main_OLD.dwt and you create a new main.dwt).
              • If you remember the changes you made, just make them again in the main.dwt file. If I remember correctly, most of the changes were made in the CSS so connect up the CSS sheet and then move the HTML sections around in the template (I remember these were 'out of normal order').


              As long as the editable regions in the new main.dwt are the same as the old ones, the site should have no problem updating but maybe someone with more recent knowledge on template usage would have a better informed solution for you.

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                Overtim3 Level 1

                well I jumped the gun and already tried your first suggestion before you suggested it. I just dont know how to set the editable regions again and or where to set them. :-/

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                  Overtim3 Level 1

                  i got it, i just compared the  main_old.dwt to the new one and found the editable regions. Thank you

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                    Rik Ramsay Level 4

                    No problem, glad you got it sorted. If you need to add additional regions, they can be found in "Insert > Template Objects > Editable region".

                    Good luck with the rest of the site.



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                      Overtim3 Level 1

                      Do you know of any way that I could update the whole site rather then having to upload each individual page to display the changes.


                      For example if you click on contacts or any of the other links the pages don't show the changes.

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                        Rik Ramsay Level 4

                        When you open and save the .dwt file, it should prompt you to update all child pages. If you select yes, it should go through all pages within the site and update. You need to upload every page to the server again. But - make sure you test that the updated .dwt file has worked and that nothing else has changed on any of the pther pages before you upload them to your server. That way, if anything is wrong, you can download the unchanged server examples and try again.

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                          Overtim3 Level 1

                          darn thats what I figured :-/


                          Seems like dreamweaver would have had something that made that process easier. Lukily I only have 5 pages I have to upload but what about sites that have 15-20 pages that use the same template.

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                            Rik Ramsay Level 4

                            A content management system would be used for sites with a large number of pages. HTML pages are relatively low in filesize so uploading 15-20 after a template update would not be an issue but some people use Server Side Includes for things like navigation and the footer so they have less updates to make within the template itself.