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    Bullets dropping a line only in WebHelp


      I'm running RH HTML 9 and generating a bullet problem only in WebHelp. 


      Bullets and numbers are dropping the content to the next line.




      Editor and Preview show:


      • Text in a line


      Generating to HTML WebHelp it looks like this:



               Text not in a line



      The odd thing is that if I generate to WebHelp Pro, it's fine.




      The bullets that are normal style bulletted from the toolbar are okay UNLESS it's a bullet following by a number and then it turns into a numbered list and drops a line:


      • 1.1.1 


      Turns into:




      Bullets that are styled as bullets have the same problem.


      I can probably go and change them all to normal text and rebullet with the icon and cheat the bullet number problem, but I'd really rather not.  There must a be global fix, yes?