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    Printing What I Want


      An elementary question, I'm sure, but if there some way I can print what I want of the document? In my image, you can see in the print preview the pink box that shows what will be printed. Any way I can move that pink box over a little to the right because it's cutting off my document, or any way I can get rid of it completely so I can print my entire document?


      Thanks for the help!


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Before going to the Print dialog, zoom into the area you want to print.

          Then press Ctrl+P and under More Options select Current View.

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            JDagger Level 1

            I want to print the entire document; not a particular part of a document.


            I don't want to shrink the document as I need the actual size and thus a part of the right side of the document gets cut off.

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              Your printer cannot print to the edge of the sheet of paper.


              In the preview window, the gray area is the area of your printer that cannot be printed to, and these areas are unique to different printers. As a rule, laser printers have a quarter inch unprintable area all four sides and ink jets (perhaps older less expensive ink jets) can have as much as one inch at the bottom which cannot be printed to.


              You would need a printer which supports boarderless printing, or print the document to a larger size sheet (tabloid) and trim to the proper margins.