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    Content viewer on Android ...

    D'M&S Online

      I've been able to test on iPad. Now i wanted to test on Android too. But i can't connect to my Acrobat.com account on Android. Is this 'free' account limited to 1 platform ?!

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          David Ben Level 3

          Do you have the current version of the viewer installed on your android device? Is there a specific error its giving you?

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            Irene Gough Level 1

            `I've no experience of this myself, but I presume you've downloaded the Content Viewer app on the Android tablet? Is it through this that you can't preview you folio? Any chance you're still logged into the acrobat.com account with the iPad? Not sure if that would even make a difference. Just throwing out some suggestions.


            By the way, which Android tab are you using? We have to get one soon. The Motorola Xoom has impressed me the most so far, but that Galaxy 10.1 seems excellent too.

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              D'M&S Online Level 1

              @ David & David : It's my colleague that wanted to test it. He has a Motorola Xoom. I think he has the latest Content Viewer installed. I'm still logged into that account on the iPad. To be precise on two iPad's. Tested it on both the first & second iPad, works perfect, even simultaniously.

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                Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional

                It's not just you. I installed the latest Adobe Content Viewer (straight from the App Market) to a brand new ASUS EEE Transformer Android tablet. Like kastART, I logged in but the app will not connect to my Acrobat.com account. I can see the folios in InDesign, on Acrobat.com, and on 11 iPads, but the Android app shows only the "New Guinea Adventure" sample folio, which doesn't work, by the way. The video, slideshow, and other overlays do nothing--tapping, sliding, etc. has no effect, as it would on static images.


                So far, I have yet to hear of one Android-powered tablet actually showing a folio. I'm beginning to think the Content Viewer app simply doesn't work on any Android device.


                Bob Bringhurst? Any thoughts on this? Have you ever actually seen the Content Viewer work on Android with a live Acrobat.com account and multimedia overlays? Has anyone at Adobe seen it work?

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                  David Ben Level 3

                  The air runtime for android does limit some of the capabilites for the content viewer app for android devices.  Here is a list of a few limitations currently in place


                  Android Viewer limitations

                  • Panoramas are not supported.
                  • Inline videos are not supported.
                  • HTML articles are partially supported. Users may experience redraw issues when viewing HTML articles.
                  • Web view overlays do not work reliably. Video and audio in web views does not work.
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                    mobly Level 3

                    Just out of interest have all you guys now paid for the DPS licence, my point being are we still getting these issues even with paying the fee, and working with the latest updates. I've just paid my fee but still working outside of acrobat.com with drop 11, mainly because I create single issue apps!

                    I'm also just about to start on my first Android version. Looks like the transformer is best value/performer at the moment.




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                      Irene Gough Level 1

                      No DPS subscription here. We're waiting for the new T&Cs. Never found it this hard to give someone 5 large before


                      What's this "transformer" you mention?

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                        Andrew Smith Level 2

                        We have a 7 folio collection that a client is viewing on over 10 different Xooms using a paid acrobat.com account.  We have videos, MSOs, and image sequences in the folios and all are working.  These folios are being viewed using the latest Android version of the content viewer downloaded from the market ( Their Xooms are all running at least Android 3.1 and ours is running 3.2.  Others in the prerelease forum have been viewing folios on Galaxy Tabs and I can view folios on my Droid X as well.  There are limitations specific to the Android viewer, but not that many.  Have you tried creating a simple test folio with one or two articles to test basic functionality?  We've also had success with publishing single folios to free acrobat.com accounts and being able to view on both iPad and Android.  It should be working for you, it works for us.



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                          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                          Pariah - I've displayed my DPS Tips folios on three Android devices -- the Xoom, the small Galaxy Tab and the large Galaxy Tab. My "Overlays" folio looks good on the Xoom and the large Galaxy Tab because it isn't scaled. My iPad "Basics" folio doesn't work on Android devices because of the flattened stacks. Articles I've created in custom Android sizes (1024x600 and 1232x752) look OK. Panoramas and inline videos aren't supported, and scrolling/gestures aren't quite as smooth on AIR-based devices as they are on iPads. That's my experience.


                          Here's a list of DPS-based viewers in the Android Market:




                          I expect to see more Android viewer apps released now that the new Viewer Builder (to be released early next week) supports in-app billing. Feel free to contact me outside the list.

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                            Hi Bob,


                            this might be a stupid question for pros, but I'm still a beginner in digital publishing ;-)

                            How can I integrate videos in my magazine to publish them on an Android pad? Obviously, inline videos don't work.


                            Thanks a lot!

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                              Andrew Smith Level 2

                              Since inline videos don't work on Android you have to check the "Play Full Screen" checkbox in the Audio & Video section of the Overlay Creator panel.




                              PS - Since you're new to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite I would recommend that you get up to speed with the very helpful InDesign Help materials.  Most of your questions can be answered there, often with step by step instructions.  They've put lots of time and effort into making it a useful tool.  You can access it on the web (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/home/) or from InDesign by going to Help > InDesign Help... > Digital Publishing Suite.

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                                TonyRedhead Level 2

                                I've had the 1.8 viewer working on my HTC Desire for a while and aside from the limitations and observations that Bob mentions everything works fine. Obviously using a folio built for the iPad renders it totally unreadable and don't get me started on the blue slashes!!!


                                Pictures of the HTC Desire



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                                  Bart Van de Wiele Level 3

                                  Are single folio files supported on Android yet?


                                  Because it seems I still can only pick "multi issue folio" from the viewer builder when creating an Android project.


                                  If they aren't supported, when will this be possible?



                                  thank you

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                                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                    Single-folio apps aren't yet supported for Android. I have no information on when or if they'll be supported.


                                    Sent from my iPad

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                                      mobly Level 3

                                      Hi Bob

                                      Does it make any difference having to make a multi-issue folio for Android though?

                                      I've always created single issue Apps for iPad and sent straight to Apple.

                                      I will modify may layouts to suit a Galaxy 10.1 and then save for Android, I take it I'll just get one file/folder to send

                                      to the market store?

                                      I havent had time to read the Android docs yet, so if it's all in there, you can gently point me to those docs again,

                                      rather than explain it here :-)




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                                        SABIS SES

                                        Hi all,

                                        Perhaps I have the same problem as mobly.

                                        we are having an issue with Content Viewer on Android tablet (v3.2.1). while viewing the folio, we are prompted with the following error:


                                        This folio contains one or more PDF stacks which are not yet supported in Content Viewer for Android


                                        Please note that the same folio works perfectly on iPad (iOS 4&5).


                                        do you have any suggestions?

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                                          Anil Yadav Level 1

                                          Hi SABIS SES,


                                          This problem is occuring because iPad based Content Viewer supports all the image formats (like PDF, jpg, png) whereas Andriod based Content Viewer support only (png and jpg). So you have to build all the folio again with option "Automatic" to play them on Andriod based Content Viewer. Hope this helps.



                                          Anil Yadav

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                                            Hi all,


                                            I am having the same problem as SABIS SES, and am working on the solution provided by Anil Yadav.

                                            But the problem is, selecting the "Automatic" option makes me lose the zoom capability on iPad, whereas the pdf option makes me lose all of Android.

                                            Is there no other solution?? I'd like to publish on Android and iPad without losing the ZOOM capability on iPad!!!


                                            Thanks in advance

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                                              mobly Level 3

                                              I'm afraid there is no solution here, on iPad you must save the folio as PDF format to get pinch and zoom. And Android cannot see PDF! so no zoom (I had forgotten that!)

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                                                -static0886- Level 1

                                                then how about publishing 2 versions of the same issue! one for iPad and one for android tabs

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                                                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                  If you set up renditions with different sizes properly, your 1024x768 folio rendition will appear on the iPad, your 1024x600 rendition will appear only on the Fire and Large Android devices, and your 1280x800 (or 1232x752 to avoid scaling) rendition will appear only on XLarge Android devices. If you don't want to do the extra design work to rebuild the source files for the Android devices -- in other words, you want to use your same 1024x768 source files, you can copy your source files and save them as 1024x767 source files. Then create a 1024x767 folio and import the articles with Automatic (JPG/PNG) format. Only folios with 4:3 aspect ratio appear on the iPad, so your 1024x768 PDF folios appear on the iPad and your 1024x767 JPG/PNG folios appear on Android devices (with letterboxing and pillarboxing).

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                                                    Hey Bob,


                                                    Just out of curiosity, is the PDF problem with the Android Viewer something that will be addressed, or is there basically not enough interest in Android to facilitate that? Either way I totally understand. We here are trying to deicide if we should continue support for Android becasue we are seeing a huge amount in Apple readership, and not very much Android readership. With all the new developments for the iPad and the magic of the PDF format, we are not to keen on doing any more leg work to continue support of a device that isnt really reaching our audience (Android). However, if the PDF issue were resolved its just added value since it would still be just one upload and we would continue support. Any word would be helpful here as we still on the fence about it, and are still pushing mediocre resolution magazines to iPad 3 while we make a decision.

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                                                      -static0886- Level 1

                                                      Thanks Bringhurst. That's exactly what I am currently working on, and it is working great on the iPad.

                                                      I produced multiple resolutions of the same folio. My iPad1 showed only the 1024x768 resolution, which is perfect!

                                                      What's weird though is that my Samsung Galaxy tab is showing ALL of them!! So I am ending up with multiple files for the same magazine!! and absolutely all of them opened quite normally!!

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                                                        Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                        Did you use the same Folio Name and Product ID for your renditions?

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                                                          -static0886- Level 1

                                                          hmmm...no! (exclamation mark over my head).

                                                          i'm renaming all of my folios in the folio builder InDesign panel to the same name and will let you know how it goes.

                                                          as for the product id, i'm still testing on Adobe's content viewer, nothing is yet published...

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                                                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                            Only the folio names need to be the same for renditions fo free folios. The Product IDs need to be the same for retail folios. The Publication Dates need to be the same for folios in Newsstand.

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                                                              espenmoe Level 1



                                                              Is the PDF problem with the Android Viewer something that will be addressed?