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    Re-installing TCS2.5 and CS5.5 - process?

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      So... I mentioned in a posting over in Acrobat yesterday that things had gone awry on my notebook. Well, they went from bad to worse :-)


      The notebook is currently being nuked and paved, and I'll have to load my TCS2.5 and CS5.5.


      I vaguely recall that installing 2.5 was, well, weird, but I don't recall the details (other than that various items had to be upgraded in a certain order, I believe).


      So, my question is: Is there a post somewhere detailing the proper installation process for tcs2.5 (or can somebody give me the process), and is there any weirdness I should beware of with regard to loading cs5.5 after that's done?


      Thanks all. (my searching is proving fruitless)