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    SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI not working. Help me.

    Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

      I want to have a new pallete window on my bridge and the SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI script from SDK samples helped.


      But only when I try it from running from Extendedscript Toolkit CS5.


      When I put it on running from Bridge startup scripts, it doesn't work anymore.

      I guess it has to do with the windows7 itself??? But I don't know.

      I'm running as administrator.




      The SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI code:

      // Copyright 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated
      // All Rights Reserved
      // NOTICE:  Adobe permits you to use, modify, and distribute this file in accordance with the
      // terms of the Adobe license agreement accompanying it.  If you have received this file from a
      // source other than Adobe, then your use, modification, or distribution of it requires the prior
      // written permission of Adobe.
       @fileoverview Shows how to create a TabbedPalette in Bridge with ScriptUI components.
       @class Shows how to create a TabbedPalette in Bridge with ScriptUI components.
      <li>    Run the snippet in the ExtendScript Toolkit (see Readme.txt), with Bridge CS5 as the target.
      <li>You should find that a tabbed palette has been added to the Bridge browser window.
       <p>Adds a script-defined tabbed palette to the Bridge browser window.  
       <p>The palette is of the "script" type, and contains ScriptUI components,
       text fields and buttons. The buttons have event handlers that 
       change the values in the text fields.
       <p>The new palette appears in the default upper-left position in the browser. It can be 
        dragged to other positions. <br />
       @see SnpCreateWebTabbedPalette
       @constructor Constructor.
      function SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI()
           The context in which this snippet can run.
           @type String
          this.requiredContext = "\tExecute against Bridge main engine.\nBridge must not be running";
          $.level = 1; // Debugging level
          this.paletteRefs = null;
       Functional part of this snippet.  
       Creates the TabbedPalette object, defining the content with 
       ScriptUI components, and adds the palette to all open Bridge browser windows.
          @return True if the snippet ran as expected, false otherwise.  
          @type Boolean
      SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI.prototype.run = function()
          var retval = true;
              retval = false;    
              return retval;
          this.paletteRefs = new Array();
          var wrapper = this;
          // Create and add the TabbedPalette object and its contents. 
          function addScriptPalette(doc)
              // Create the TabbedPalette object, of type "script"
              var scriptPalette = new TabbedPalette( doc, "SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI", "SnpSUIPalette", "script" );
              // Create a ScriptUI panel to be displayed as the tab contents.
              var tbPanel = scriptPalette.content.add('panel', [25,15,255,130], 'The Panel');
              // Add the UI components to the ScriptUI panel
              tbPanel.txtFieldLbl = tbPanel.add('statictext', [15,15,105,35], 'Times Clicked:');
              tbPanel.txtField = tbPanel.add('edittext', [115,15,215,35], '0');
              tbPanel.addBtn = tbPanel.add('button', [15,65,105,85], 'Add');
              tbPanel.subBtn = tbPanel.add('button', [120, 65, 210, 85], "Sub");
              // Define event listeners that implement behavior for the UI components
              tbPanel.addBtn.onClick = function()
                  var txt = tbPanel.txtField;
                  txt.text = parseInt(txt.text) + 1;
              tbPanel.subBtn.onClick = function()
                  var txt = tbPanel.txtField;
                  txt.text = parseInt(txt.text) - 1;
          // Add the palette to all open Bridge browser windows
          for(var i = 0;i < app.documents.length;i++)
          return retval;
        Determines whether snippet can be run given current context.  The snippet 
        fails if these preconditions are not met:
        <li> Must be running in Bridge
        @return True is this snippet can run, false otherwise
        @type boolean
      SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI.prototype.canRun = function()
          // Must run in Bridge 
          if(BridgeTalk.appName == "bridge") 
              return true;        
          // Fail if these preconditions are not met.  
          // Bridge must be running,
          $.writeln("ERROR:: Cannot run SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI");
          return false;
       "main program": construct an anonymous instance and run it
        as long as we are not unit-testing this snippet.
      if(typeof(SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI_unitTest) == "undefined") {
          new SnpCreateTabbedPaletteScriptUI().run();