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    Dropcap problem with vertical justification


      Hello all,


      I have a frustrating problem.


      I often use text frames with vertical justification to ensure that my content fills the page.


      However, when I apply a paragraph style with a Dropcap, the first two lines of text (that are affected by the dropcap) deviate from the automatic leading established by the vertical justification.


      The result is unusable. The spacing is totally whack. Check out the attached image.


      How do I fix this? I want that dropcap to scale up as large as necessary to accomodate the leading established by the auto justify.


      Thanks all!




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's beyond the current functionality, and probably extremely difficult to implement (though they managed to figure out how to do line styles, so there's hope). You should file a feature request at Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form and include a clear explanation of how adding the feature will help users.

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            33 Steps Level 2

            My workaround has been to build a 2 column/2 row table (messy but manageable & adjustable):

            Put the "W' in the first column, 2 lines of type in the next column adjust the row height.

            Merge the next row, add remainder of text

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              MW Design Level 5

              Not a perfect solution, but I have used the vertical justification in conjunction with a baseline grid. The result is below (sorry for the larger image). When this combination is possible, the result is visually "close enough" for me.


              You can see that the sentance highlighted by the red line has moved up in the right-hand screen shot. Even so, the visual spacing at the drop cap is pretty well maintained.




              Take care, Mike

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                Fred Goldman Level 3

                I use drop caps and vertical justification all the time and have never run into problems. What do you have your first baseline offset in the text frame options set to? Try setting it to leading.

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                  Michael Gianino Level 4

                  Another workaround would be to anchor a text frame for the drop cap character(s) and manually adjust the frame (and characters within) visually to what ever the amount of vertical space your two lines take up when justified. Since the space between lines will be different when the number of lines-per-page is different, the size of the drop cap character can't be uniform across pages, so you have to decide if that's OK or not. And if you go back to edit a page with a drop cap in a way that changes the line count, you will have to adjust the drop-cap size again (manually). It's more work, and a bit  riskier if you're used to automatic drop caps, but it won't look like your example.

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                    RuthK Level 1

                    Hi - wondering if this problem was ever solved? I often work with vertical justification, and the resulting justification of the dropcap paragraph is no good. When I set the first baseline offset to leading it doesn't work.


                    If you are creating a document with a few hundred pages using this style, it's not really efficient to have to work with each dropcap manually.