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    Re-install of CS3 on Windows 7 Fails




      Out of the blue all the programs in CS3 stopped working on Windows 7.   I received the message stating that the licensing stopped working.  After an chatting with a tech and going through the license recovery tool, and all the other options he gave...I was advised to un-install and re-install.  I un-installed, also I used the CS3 cleaner tool.  When I go to re-install, I'm prompted with the message: "The file AdobePDF.dll is needed".  I Googled the meaning of this and followed instructions found on Adobe's site.  I was able to locate and copy the AdobePDF.dll to my desktop and tried to browse to it in order to continue the install.  However, every time the install fails.  There is no specific error given on the failure.


      I tried chatting with a tech about this but received the classic "I'm sorry, since you are facing an issue with Design Premium  CS3 and the latest version is Design Premium CS5.5, we're unable to provide Chat or Phone support for your product".


      I do not want to be forced upgrade as this is not cost effective.  We paid good money for this software and expect that it works.  I'm not using any goofy third party registry cleaners nor have I made any changes to my OS.  I've seen other people have this issue, but no solutions were posted.  If someone could reply to this I would be grateful as I have wasted now two days.