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    Bridge: Frozen and Weird screen issue


      Hi All


      Bridge CS 5 is broken on my computer and it all started when i installed Lion (10.7.2).


      It seems as though whenever the computer is put into sleep it messes up Bridge and whilst the program will actually launch the application eithe does nothing or moving the window cause it to display in what I can only describe as multiple split screens as if there is a real problem with the refresh/redraw of the screen image. Also, clicking on workspace items does nothing.


      I have reset preferences, purged cache, disabled startup scripts etc and I think I have been through all the advice given but to no avail. The only solution is to turn off the computer and log in again but that doesn't solve it all the time. I have loads and loads of free space; have checked mac disc permissions etc and nothing!!


      I have noticed (and I have read this elsewhere) that when I do a screen shot by drawing a marque over the area the windows kind of go back to normal (hence the reason why I can't upload a screen shot) but in any case the application does not work.


      Help please?