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    Problem with ordering objects and display in IE8 and Chrome


      I've designed a couple of sites in Muse and anytime I go into a page and re-order objects by sending them backwards/to back/bring to front, my preferred ordering does not show up in IE8-9 or Chrome. The sites work fine in Firefox and Safari. Tooltips seems to be especially problematic in this regard, with triggers not accessible, text panels showing up in odd places or blank planels I did not place on the site showing up.


      Any ideas here?? At this point, it seems like the only design features that are truly cross-browser compatible are photos, text and lightboxes.


      If sites designed in Muse won't render on Chrome, that's a problem ... it's now 25% of the market. If they don't render in IE8/9, that's another 25% of the market.


      Any ideas?


      My only solution is to design the site once, make it look the way I want, then start a completely new document and build it from bottom layer to top layer as it will appear, with the tooltips added last. There's got to be a better way.