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    titling and animations

    fishmor Level 1

      Looking for some titling and animations options to use with premiere elements to spice up my videos and make them look professional - someone said bluff titler and maybe something called "Hieroglyph" - any premiere elements users out there have ideas on this?   I'm on a budget and have been looking at CS 5 but not sure I can handle it yet and don't really have the time to "try it out" - any comments would be appreciated - thanks, Eric

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Bluff titler, definitely.


          Although using keyframing you can also create some amazing titling effects right in the program! Look at the example of the title I created in the demos along the left side of this page.



          What exactly are you trying to do? There are usually inexpensive ways to do it with some simple keyframing and motion paths.

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            fishmor Level 1

            I want to make text and "objects" fly in and out and around the screen, bounce around, explode, catch fire, glow, etc.  I keyframed a title using the "size" parameter to get "fly in your face" look and it just didn't look right - I also need some objects to work with, or need to be able to design them myself (fish, guns, bows, arrows, etc) - is there an animation program that will work with PRE to help me create some of these things?  I will look at your examples on muvipix to see what the PRE possibilities are.  Eric

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I don't know of any way you can get that kind of action without spending some money, fishmor.

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                fishmor Level 1

                What should I spend my money on?  I would like to be able to create objects or modify templates and have them move around - more professional looking material - what do you recommend besides bluff titler? 

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  After Effects. The learning curve is killer -- but with it you can do almost anything you can imagine!


                  LiveType is very powerful and easy to use. It's Mac only though.


                  You may also want to post this question at the Community Forum at Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com. There are some very knowledgeable editors there that will likely have some great suggestions.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I agree with Steve on this.


                    I use BluffTitler (plus several of the ProDAD plug-ins), but do most work in Premiere. When I need more than it can provide, I go to BluffTitler next (or one of the ProDAD apps), and then AfterEffects for involved Titles.


                    One thing that I do like is to use Photoshop to create Layered PSD Title files, and then Import those into Premiere Pro (only in Pro), as Sequences, where I can animate each Layer individually. PrE does not allow for Layered PSD files to be Imported with the Layers separate - only Flattened.


                    Good luck,