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    Sending a SWF file in an email


      I have created an interactive portfolio in indesign. I need to export the file as SWF file and then email this. When I have exported the file it gives me a SWF ad HTML file, from researching I understand that I need to send both in the email so it can be opened. I have had a test run and when the email is opened I can click and open the HTML file but the document doesnt appear.

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          Steve Werner Mythic

          Immediately after you make the SWF file, does it appear correctly in your browser? If so, try creating a Zip archive to protect the two files when you're emailing them. Sometimes they get munged in the email process.

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            Petteri_Paananen Champion

            It´s technically possible to send SWF file only, in order to watch SWF embedded into html-wrapper, user has to have Flash Player installed, and with Flash Player he/she can open and watch SWF directly, without html...


            But I have to warn you. It may be a bad idea to email SWF files, many virus protection systems are set to treat them as hostile files, because you could input some nasty stuff into SWF if you liked. If i were you, I would put that combination to my webserver  and send a link. If you don´t have webserver, get a free fropbox account and place it it´s public folder. Dropbox uploads it to web and creates an URL adress for it.

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              Steve Werner Mythic

              As usual, Petteri's suggestion is a good one. Go to www.dropbox.com to set up a free account. Read their swell documentation to read how to send a link to your file.

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                lmcewen30 Newcomer

                This worked just how I wnated it to, thank you. I do have another problem now, the file had a range of images and films on it. The films are the only thing that do no appear now? Is that something to do with dropbox?