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    Lens name handling changed between LR3 and LR4

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      This problem has been mentioned before but I'm bringing it up again as it is still unresolved and I have some further information.


      I use a Sony a77 and import raw files into LR4.0, I previously used LR3.6.   I use a tool called alphalensinfo before importing raw files.  This creates xmp sidecars containing a tag for the lens name.   This is necessary as Sony cameras do not always identify the correct lens name, especially when using third party lenses.   In LR3.x, on import, it would read the lens name from the xmp sidecar and all would be well in the library module.  In LR4.0, the xmp sidecar's lens name is ignored and Lightroom 4 reads the lens name from the raw file, which may be wrong.


      This is quite annoying and only appears to affect raws from newer Sony cameras.  A knowledgable user on www.dyxum.com has done some testing/research on this, identifying where lr4 lens name handling appears to have changed from lr3.x. 


      Is it possible for LR4 to be fixed to allow proper lens indentification in the same way as LR3 did? It seems to be a matter of changing the priority LR4 puts on data from xmp compared to raw.


      This post gives some details and previous posts give more background:

      http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/identifying-lenses-in-lightroom-with-alphalensinfo_topic43251_ post1021484.html#1021484


      I'd be most grateful if one of the Lightroom developers could read that posting and see if they can help out.


      Michael (mikey2000 on dyxum.com)