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    I lost my faith in Adobe.


      I've been using Adobe Master Collection for years and Flash Catalyst was the greatest addition to my workflow. I have no knowledge of Flash Professional whatsoever, I am a designer and I have no knowledge of coding, yet I was able make a pretty complex website using Flash Catalyst CS5.5 only. I was eagerly waiting for its new version, expecting many bugs it had would be fixed, so that I would upgrade my website. I believe this software was an amazing idea and it worked great despite its flaws. It is unfortunate that such an innovative product was discontinued.


      For those who want to check my website, made using only Photoshop CS5 and Flash Catalyst CS5.5, here's the link:



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          Im also a Designer and started creating mockups with catalyst. it is very nice to use my illustrator or photoshop sketches in catalyst to make them interactive.

          on one hand i was wondering why adobe still creates flash tools instead of HTML export. on the other it is a very nice tools which yould be integrated in Illustrator or photoshop or even indesign.

          ADOBE, please start creating good tools for professionals again instead of only developing tablet games.


          The Idea of catalyst is very good. Add that to illustrator or others instead of just killing a good idea.


          Or: what tool could be used instead to create mockups? Please reply

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            Is it really true that Catalys will be discontinued?!

            Probably one of the most efficient tool, that really improved performance for designers and also developers !!!!????

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              mediaprojects Level 1

              I see... thanks.

              Bad strategy from Adobe!

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                medeamajic Level 2

                I agree with you guys for the most part. Flash Catalyst is the best web progam Adobe has. Having said that Muse looks very cool and I think it has made Flash Catalyst obsolete. If Muse is the replcement for Flash Catalyst then it should be part of the CS 6.0 Master Collecton. As of now Muse is only part of The Cloud package. I think if Adobe CEOs read the forums they will have to include Muse in the CS 6.0 Master Collection.

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                  Memodeth Level 1

                  I don't think Muse would be a replacement for Flash Catalyst, because the latter lets you develop Flash websites and applications, while Muse lets you build HTML based sites. Also Muse requires an annual subscription, so I would expect it to be an alternative to a service such as Weebly.

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                    dichterDichter Level 1

                    i tried muse and i dont think its a replacement... or im blind. Catalyst is very simple to use. Thats very important for simple things.

                    For me a html5 export would be nice to be able to try the mockups on all devices. So if catalyst would be continued as a 64 bit version with html export, this would be great.

                    Or can i use Muse the same way as catalyst?


                    Another option would be to include that functions into illustrator to link artboards and define button or element states.

                    that would be nice too.



                    Edit: i tried Muse now. Yes, it would be nice to have that tool in CS6 instead of that busines service. With some elements of catalyst this would be a wonderful tools.

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                      mediaprojects Level 1

                      Muse won't replace Catalyst ... diferent software, different phylosophy ...

                      I noticed Adobe is very much engaged with HTML5, and I won't be very wrong when I say that Flash, probably, will also be discontinued in future versions.

                      Even Flash as HMTL export tool!

                      Let's see.