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    3320 Errors on MacOS

    Mike Tolan

      Recently I've been seeing a considerably higher number of 3320 errors when using a Flash Access enabled player on MacOS. I'm aware that the documentation lists 3320 as a Generic Internal Flash Access error, but I'd like to provide anything diagnostically useful as well.


      These errors occur in a point in the playback process

      1. After the Flash Access Runtime has been successfully installed

      2. After the content metadata has been loaded and successfully parsed (no 3343 or 3344 errors thrown as part of that)

      3. As the ActionScript code is calling mDrmManager.loadVoucher(mDRMMetadata, LoadVoucherSetting.FORCE_REFRESH);

      4. Reviewing data from an HTTP Proxy indicates that the request for the license is never made.


      I can reproduce the problem consistently with:


      MacOS 10.7.3

      chrome 18.0.1025.162

      flash MAC 11,2,202,229


      MacOS 10.7.3

      Firefox 11 - Flash Player


      MacOS 10.7.3

      Safari 5.1.5 - Flash Player