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    choppy video when trying to edit


      Hi all,

      Im having a little trouble with the video playing inside the premier elements 10. Let me give you guys some info on what im dealing with.

      Computer: Lenovo y710 laptop

      - Intel core 2 extreme CPU x9000 @ 2.80GHz (im currently over clocking at 3.00GHz because this laptop has the option to do so)

      - 4.00 GB Memory

      - One 187 GB Hard Drive, One 191 GB Hard Drive & 1 remoable 40.8 GB hard drive (all built into this laptop)

      - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 Graphix card

      - Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit (service pack 2)

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------

      The Cam Corder Im using is a (GoPro) HD Hero 960 which is recording in R3 (1280x720 60p widescreen 16:9)

      This GoPro records the videos and saves them as a MPEG-4 Movie file onto the SD card. From there I pop the SD card into the laptop and save them into a folder on a hard drive SEPERATE  from the another hard drive that has the adobe premier elements 10 software on it (im not using the removable 40.8GB Hard Drive)

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------

      These clips that I am trying to edit are over 3,000,000 KBs. They run fine as raw files but when I import them into premeier elements 10 they are choppy. The pre-set setting I use for the premier elements 10 software is AVCHD p60. I get my raw files from one hard drive while running the program on a seprate hard drive. The clips only have about 2 minutes of footage that I really want to use. Is there any way to shorten these clips with out them being choppy so i can presicly get to the point where i can delete all the junk footage? Can this laptop even effectivly run this type of software and be able to edit the clips?


      Sorry for any inconvinience,