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    Can the halftone box be added to cs6 ?

    Robin j. Chambers

      I have asked if this feature was avail in cs6 and the answer was no. They said not many printer needed it ? I am a screen printer and us photoshop regularly and that feature is a ver important part of my serparations when I make my film. I am also sue that thousands of screen printer also use this feature. Why can not such a simple already installed feature not be kept? Maybe off set printer do not need this but screen printers need this feature, we must be able to adjust our DPI , dot style and angle. Can someone please look into this . I am running cs3 the last version to do this .



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          No: we said that not many printers *supported* it.

          Only PostScript level 1 devices supported that option -- Level 2 and 3 RIPs overrode the option.


          99% of the people trying to use the feature, weren't getting any effect from it because their printer RIP ignored it.

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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            Chris, the question is then, given the need of a whole market, is there a way to create something similar for them?


            There is no equivalent/similar option in PS L2 or 3 RIPs, or can it only be set in the RIP/driver itself?


            What is the best solution for their problem?

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              That particular feature could only work in PostScript, and only worked correctly on Level1 RIPs (and didn't even work correctly on most of the Level1 clone RIPs).


              I just do the halftoning on the document (at printer res) and send a bitmap to the printer.

              I'll have to talk to DaveP and see if we can come up with something to simplify the workflow.

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                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                Thanks, Chris! I think many screen printers would be happy to know you are looking into the issue.

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                  Robin j. Chambers Level 1

                  I have talked to the maker of the rip I use and it has a feature that allowes you to turn on or off the override feature.  I can indeed select the halftone size in PS and it does affect the print as intended without going through my rip. The rip I use is a very high end rip made just for screen printers. It works great with PS, BUT i would prefer to change the settings in PS and not the rip. It is much faster and cleaner when done in PS. I truley hope that you put this feature BACK.

                  Thanks and see the text below it is from a email from support at accurip. If I can help in any way , I will.




                  ( Yes, Photoshop is moving away from print services (intentionally). We prefer to PLACE a PSD file into Illustrator for output.


                  Regardless, AccuRIP allow the user to chose to control the halftone and angles in AccuRIP or throws the control back to the graphics application.


                  Go to AccuRIP's FILE MENU> SETUP. The 3rd Tab "How would you like this screened?" has a feature LOCK SCREENS. When check on - AccuRIP is in control, when UNCHECKED the design program is.

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                    >> Yes, Photoshop is moving away from print services (intentionally).


                    That is not the case.  We're just having to deal with a lot of bad drivers and OS problems lately -- which sometimes forces us to simplify the print path in order to get things working for most of our users.

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                      Robin j. Chambers Level 1

                      I was talking to another printer that has been around a long time and is involved with this disscusion on other fourms and I was told that adobe has NO plans what so ever to reintroduce this feature even though 1000's of printer have requested it.

                      As far as having issues lately , that I do not get . You are talking about a program that has bee out for mac for the last 20 plus years and made it's way because of mac. I works fine in cs3 on my ox 10.6. I know that the os's change and it creates issues but to me , just a layman it is such a simple issue when put in scope wilth all the features in PS.  I do not want to beat a dead horse but there is a whole segment of this industry that needs this feature. Adobe already took away my freehand please leave us with this simple feature.



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                        >>  even though 1000's of printer have requested it.


                        We actually have less than 20 requests.

                        I don't know where they made their requests, but it wasn't to us.

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                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                          Ask all your peers, or invite other screenprinters in specialized forums/blogs/sites/tradeshows to vote for this request, and explain why it is needed in your workflow. Do post the hints that some rips allow an override of the function, the more information, the better (Been printing at school, and had the opposite problem, so screen changes because of PostScript2 on the printer, but did need the option!) : http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/screen_function_for_separation_outpu t

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                            I will admit I am surprised by the arrogance of Adobe on this one. It is probably not really arrogance but just being out of touch with a specific market segment. Even though "1000s" of users have not complained, it has been loud and clear on the other forum with this topic and as we all know, the world does not always revolve around forums and a LOT of people simply don't know where to go.  And, there are thousands of my customers around the world who - guess what - don't speak good English and would never post on a forum. The removing of the screen button is causing most printers/customers I know to stay with CS4 or earlier.  I even posted about this on my popular website www.T-BizNetwork.com.  Yes, I promoted the roll out of Creative Cloud wich I love but I also commented on the lack of screen button.


                            I make a RIP for screen printers called T-RIP. It use to be called FastRIP.  I have at least 9,000 users of my rip and we have never had a problem.  You can turn on or off whether you  want the application to dictate the lpi, angle, and dot shape. I have at least 10,000 users of my FastFilms and T-Seps software for color separating. My guess is between me and my competitors there are at least 30,000 T-Shirt printers using industry specific automated separation programs for Photoshop and they all print "Channel Separations" right out of Photoshop. For Adobe to say they can "simply convert the file to a bitmap" is again an ignorance of how we do it.  I also do color separations for a living and most of the files I get are Photoshop Layers files because they are usually high-end photos of Nascar drivers, country or rock stars, etc., and the final separations are typically ten colors. That's ten channels to split, upsample, convert to halftones and print.  Where is the work flow advantage there?  You have just added about 15 minutes to my time.  If I split ten channels I better know which channel is which so I can now re-name each file.


                            And, doing it that way means I have lost any channel header information and the world of screeners use that to place the print order, mesh count, and Pantone color right on the films as a "label."  Now the screen makers and press people know the setup because the detail is on the film. Simple. Saves time. No, we do not want to take this file as a DCS2 to Illustrator. Why would we? One more step. And, a LOT of screeners use Corel. I know. Don't go there.  But, it is true. 


                            I still use CS4 because I can simply put the "eye" on a channel and print and the channel header information prints on the films.  Talk about saving a LOT of steps for the workflow - this is a must.


                            There are a handful of high profile people in the little and ignored T-Shirt printing world and I am one of them yet I have never had a call or questions from Adobe. With all the active T-Shirt Forums and this topic posted, I am curious why Adobe will not take time to be kind to this little and obviously unimportant market. It would not have taken much for Adobe to talk to the actual RIP makers in this industry like me, Accurip, MultiRIP and a few others. You comment on the problem with RIPs but I think I have sold the most RIPs in this industry and I have never had Adobe talk to me.


                            Sorry for the long ramble and attitude. You can see it is a sore spot to T-Shirt printers who feel Adobe has turned their backs on them. All we really want is for you get dirty and talk to people in the trenches who make RIPs and to put away your argument that it doesn't work and put the screen button back in.  We then will all upgrade to CS6, life will be good and our workflow will be back to normal.  Nirvana!


                            Scott Fresener

                            T-Biz Network

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                              Robin j. Chambers Level 1

                              THANK YOU SCOTT...............

                                 Scott said it well. Most screen printers are small shops busy trying to do the day to day work , they do not have or take the time to do the research on these fourms. I have call adobe about this and I have posted about this. Please will one of you emplyoees please take the time to understand the needs a fairly large user base of your product and reinstall the halftone window. I can not believe that it is such a big problem that those of you who truley inderstand the complexities of photoshop can not over come, You keep making PS a higher and higher end product much beyound the needs and many screen printers all while removing a simple process that is unsurmountable by most of us who just need to get the correct info and angle on our film. PLEASE call Scott Fresener , he knows this program and can explain to you in your language our brick wall with what you have done. If this could be reinstalled I will buy cs6 asap, without it I have no need to upgrade and I have been a legal owner of Adobe AI since 1989 and P.S. since about 1995.


                              Again thank you Scott.



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                                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                To float up the discussion with a link about a separation method, that one could automate: http://vimeo.com/2811225#at=0