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    CS6 uninstall and reinstall problem

    Andre_Leal Community Member

      Hi there ! I was using Photoshop and iy was fine. Then, I downloaded the Photoshop CS6 Beta and try to install it, but I got the message that I already has a version of PS CS6. I was dumb and deleted the program without a properly uninstall. Now the CS6 installer thinks I have it installed but I have not, and I'm not able to find it in Programs and features. I don't know how to uninstall something I already deleted.


      My question is: where are the peripheric files that says PS CS6 is installed ? I just want to avoid the installer to thinks I had PS CS6 installed. I can use regedit if needed, but I won't do anything without instructions.


      Or, is it possible to force a reinstall over a previous installation ?


      I know what is the problem, I just need to know where is the files that makes CS6 to think I already have it, cause I dont.






      I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit.