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    How to get PDFs to Reader X on an iPad3

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      Hi All,


      I have been tasked with publishing our magazine to PDF for mobile devices. We've been publishing on paper for over 25 years, and to PDF for electronic archives (DVD) and digital subscriptions (web download) for over 15 years. So I was psyched to learn that Reader X Mobile has been released, seemingly making our transition to mobile devices relatively seamless. I'm the owner of a new iPad3 and since iPads are such a fast growning percentage of the mobile device market, I figured that would be the best place to start testing compatability and delivery of our products to all mobile devices. Though I have close to 25 years working in the Mac OS, I'm very new to the tablet concept and am struggling with my inability to manage my own file naming and storage structure on the iPad. I'm sure (I hope) that some of my questions below will be answered simply by learning to use this nifty new etch-a-sketch properly...so don't be shy about hitting me with "duh" answers. However, some of my confusions sure have me baffeled. I'm hoping that you guys can help.


      First, I"m having trouble even getting the PDFs to the iPad in the first place. At 30 - 45 MB, they are too large to email to myself (or so it seems). Is this an iPad Mail setting? I can receive some pretty large attachments on my desktop machine. For testing, I have tried sending myself smaller PDF files but have failed with those too.

      If I "attach" the document to email, it arrives with a download box (file "down-arrow" icon, and the file name in blue) but tapping it has no effect...nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

      If I "embed" the file within the body of the message to send it, it arrives and seems to be an "image" of the first page of the document only. Tapping it gives me the option to "save image" or "copy". Save seems to do nothing. Copy is moot, I presume, unless I plan to past it somewhere, but I don't suppose that you can paste into Reader X.


      My other attempt to get these PDFs onto my iPad was using a transfer from my desktop (laptop actually) computer using iTunes. I was able to move PDFs using the Books Library, and then open the them in iBooks. But from there, I can't seem to be able to access "open in..." to make them accessible in Reader X. Is "open in" an option from iBooks? If so, why can't i access it? If not, why not? And what do I do about it.

      The other lead I had was transferring PDFs from deskop to iPad using iTunes directly to Reader. I saw instructions on this forum that say to select Reader in the Apps section of itunes, then "move" (or transfer, or sync, or something). I wasn't able to locate Reader in the apps window (even though it was obviously installed on my iPad) and had to re-download it from the Apps store onto my desktop before it would show up. Even then, selecting it did nothing more than highlight it. I don't see any further options for associating documents with that app, or transferring them anwhere. Am I missing something?


      The third option for getting PDFs to the iPad and Reader X mobile is via dowload from the Web. I was able to aquire small PDFs for testing from our Web site, but they draw fully in Safari before you can use the "Open in" feature to get them to Reader X, which is super slow for a full high-rez version of the magazine. OK, I guess it's not really that bad, and the most likely way that cutomers will be accessing finished versions of the magazine.

      Is it possible to download a PDF "to" the Reader  "Documents" section?


      But during the development stage, I need to be able to move test files to my machine, and get proofs to co-workers, without asking our IT guy to post everything to a web page for downloading. So, it would be most convenient if we could just share files over our LAN and drop them on our iPads (and other devices) for testing. Also, I want to be able to give our customers as many options for handling their files as possible. They may want a copy on their home computer, iPad, and phone. We want to be able to tell them the easiest way of organizing and transferring their content.


      Any suggestions, (including calling me out on being a stupid newbie) are appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



      PS Here's my tech specs: iPad3 running iOS5.5, ReaderX Mobile 10.2. Mac running OS 10.6.8, iTunes 10.6.1


      PPS I'm a bit surprised to feel like I am on the front end of this challenge (publishing digitally). Boy I would love to see Reader options to organize PDFs by file and folder (we publish 6 issues per year, peeps want to keep that stuff organized). Also, how about the option to see double-page spreads in landscape view. How about the ability to scroll through text lines/columns (once zoomed in to a comfortable viewing size, and still keep track of where the body text flows next). How about some user adjustable app preferences (I'll write a list).

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          George_Johnson CommunityModerator

          Consider using something like Dropbox. You can get the dropbox app installed on your iPad and use the "Open In" feature to open them in Reader.

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            LoriAUC ACP

            Moving this discussion to the Reader iOS forum.

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              Thanks George.


              Yes, Dropbox worked. But it sure seems weird to me that I have to use a separate app to upload my doc to the internet from my computer, then download it to the iPad (slow) when they're sitting next to eachother on my desk and connected by an umbilical. Does only Apple have the right/ability to build apps that interface with iTunes' ability to transfer files? (and is it pure obstinance/protectivism that keeps iBooks from having an "open-in" feature.)


              Anyone have insights why my emailed PDFs dont appear in Mail?

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                Pat Wibbeler techies

                You should also be able to transfer the files using iTunes. Plug in the iPad to your computer. Open iTunes and click on the iPad under "Devices". Then, go to the "apps" tab (button near the top). At the bottom of the Apps tab, there is a section called "File Sharing". Adobe Reader is listed there. Click on it. You should see a list of files under "Adobe Reader Documents". At the bottom of that list is a button that says "Add...". You can add files this way. They should be on the device after your next sync.



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                  George_Johnson CommunityModerator

                  I've also heard that transferring via iTunes is possible, but I generally avoid iTunes unless absolutely necessary, so I have no desire to investigate this further. Maybe someone from Adobe can provide some guidance.


                  Mail is generally annoying when it comes to PDFs (as you've found), and since I know dropbox works, that's what I use. Most of my files are considerably smaller than what you're talking about, but I understand what you mean.

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                    Hi Pawibbel,


                    I tried this the other day based on a reply to another question on this forum. No Luck.


                    With the "Apps" tab selected, and even "Adobe Reader" selected within that, there seems to be no "Add" option anywhere. The two options at the bottom are "Check for updates" and "Get more apps" which just opens the app store.


                    I'm running OS 10.6.8, iTunes 10.6.1. Is this a feature limited to Lion and a newer version of iTunes?


                    Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 4.29.18 PM.png

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                      Pat Wibbeler techies

                      Hi Home Power,

                      It looks lke you are in the wrong spot. I did the same thing when I was looking for this setting to describe it to you, so it must be a common point of confusion =)


                      In the left hand column, under "Devices", select your device. Then, on the app sync tab for that device, you'll find the "File Sharing", though you might have to scroll down to see it (I did, and it was hidden below the end of the page in such a way that I would have missed it if I didn't know what to look for). I still have a mac on 10.6.8 with itunes 10.6.1 and the attached screenshot was taken there.


                      Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 7.05.20 PM copy.png

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                        Thank you so much. This is perfect, and as it should be. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't find it myself.


                        Please note that this is the answer that many others seem to need. I see this question in other threads on this forum, and all over the web. Albeit, perhaps many of those queries were from before this function was applicable.




                        PS Even before my first query on this forum, I noticed that Pawibble has consistently accurate, helpful, and even more importantly, patient responses. This is quite a skill in a world where everyone wants easy answers, fast, and by the time there on the forum, they're usually already grumpy. Thanks for doing this job like a true professional.