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    Why do I have to keep rerendering when I don't make any changes?


      This is really slowing me down right now. I am at the color grading part of my workflow using magic bullet looks. I keep going back and forth between clips to make sure that the clips match up. It is understandable that I have to rerender these changes however when I make a change to these clips there are other clips on my timeline -- clips that I made no changes to whatsoever -- that suddenly want to turn red and I therefore have to rerender.


      These clips that I have to rerender are on video 2 while everything else is on video 1. These cips are on video 2 because they have sapphire transitions on then and you cant -- as far as i know -- have then on the same layer because you have to keyframe them to transition in or out.


      My question is why do these clips with sapphire transitions on them suddenly turn red? Is there a workaround?


      I am using cs5.5 on an i5 with gtx570