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    tweaking FM_Outputs_Conditional_Text.jsx

    rlauriston Level 1

      I found what sees like a bug in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker10\Samples\ScriptsAndUtilities\Conditional Text\FM_Outputs_Conditional_Text.jsx.


      The script produces two PDFs, which I expected to be named <book_name>_Comment_Red.pdf and <book_name>_Blue_Green.pdf.


      Instead, they're named <book_name>.book_Comment_Red.pdf and <book_name>.book_Blue_Green.pdf.


      The relevant lines seem to be:


      FileSource = OpenBook(InputFile);

      SavePdf(FileSource,InputFile + OutPutFiles[output_no]);


      Is there some way to tweak the second line so as to remove the .book extension from FIleSource? Or to define another variable minus the extension?