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    Audio "popping" when prepared with f4fpackager


      When I prepare a file for HDS using Adobe's f4fpackager tool I experience "popping" in the audio. It seems to be related to the fragment size, smaller size more often, but doesn't nessicary happen once per fragment.


      I have tried multiple encoding options to address this. I am using h264/aac with keyframes every 24 frames and a framerate of 24 and doing "--keyframe-intervals-per-fragment 20 --frames-per-keyframe-interval 24 --frame-rate 24" on the packager


      I also tried running Adobe's "sample2_1000kbps.f4v" file from the webroot/vod through the packager and playing it back using their integrated player (/webroot/index.html) and experience the same issue. I did this using the packager's default settings.


      This is single bitrate streaming.


      Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have any ideas of what I could try?