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    Contact Sheet II "Upgrade"


      Could someone please explain why Adobe took a perfectly good tool, Contact Sheet II, and made it more complicated and difficult to use, takes twice as long to get a final result, and then offers an unusable, optional plug in for those of us who were perfectly satisfied before they "improved" it in CS5? Did anyone ask a user before they "upgraded" this feature? 

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          If your talking about the contact sheet in bridge, then cs4 had that version as well.


          Did you try the optional plugins download which has the old style contact sheet II:










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            demberadobe Level 1

            Yes, I did. It didn't work. It just crashed Extensions Manager. Apart from that, the bigger question is, why does Adobe take something that works perfectly well and mess it up? We alway had the ability to create PDFs if we needed them. What is so much better about the CS5 version that they felt compelled to junk a feature that had no problems. Did they ever hear the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

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              JeffN3 Level 1

              I have to agree 100% with demberadobe...

              1st, You can only use the old version of contact sheet II if you switch back to 32 bit. no thanks.

              2nd, you can't do anything with the bridge contact sheet except have it open after creation, which it opens as a pdf. Stupid... I  don't want a pdf. I use it as a psd so I can do other things with it. So all you can do is print it. To do anything else you first must save it and then reopen the document, and then you have to use "open with" CS5 because it will open as a pdf by default. ( again I don't want a pdf).


              The bridge contact has some nice features, don't get me wrong. I like some of the changes. But the two biggest mistakes Adobe made was:


              1) to take it out of photoshop and put it in bridge. Leave it in photoshop, I don't want to open another application, or have another application open using resources when I don't need it.


              2) They changed the extension to save and open as a pdf. Leave it as a psd, or at least provide a preference to have it open as a pdf in Adobe Reader, or psd in Photoshop, or even a .tiff if some wants that.


              I'm surprised that with all the people out there using Photoshop, that Adobe would miss such obvious needs and make such obvious mistakes in their changes.

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                What operating system are you using?


                On windows systems most of the optional plugins are for both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


                If your interested, in cs6 both the contact sheet II and pdf presentation are back in photoshop by default (not optional plugins)




                I believe there is an extension manager update available for cs5.1. Have you updated cs5 using the check for updates command from bridge or photoshop?


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                  demberadobe Level 1

                  I'm using Mac OS10.7.3. I haven't checked for cs5 updates lately, but I usually do them whenever the update reminder pops up. I agree with JeffN3. I often send contact sheets to clients via email, and PDF files are too big. I usually send them as jpegs. Now, I first have to create a multi page PDF, open it in photoshop, convert it to a set of individual jpegs for each page, and re-save. Not what I'd call an improvement over CS4.

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                    JeffN3 Level 1



                    I used my contact sheet II a little different. I have a psd template that I created for making jewel case thumbnail inserts. The template is 4.5x4.5", I make a contact sheet with 1 to 36 images sized to 4.5x4.5". Then, because it's a psd I simply drag and drop in onto my open template doc. I add the clients name and shoot date in a window at the top of the template. Make a print and slip it into the jewel case. Then just pitch the contact sheet and close my template without saving, so it's ready to go as a blank template for next time.


                    But this can no longer be done with the bridge contact sheet. I have to save the doc as a pdf, find it, open with... in CS5, select in the "crop to" drop down to "Trim box" (the default is Bounding box, so I have to change this every time I open a contact sheet) - (don't see a way to change the default). If I don't change the crop to setting, the default setting opens the pdf not at the same size it was created in bridge / contact sheet. You'd think that the default setting would open the pdf at the same size it was created???

                    Then I add one or more folder icons I made to indicated what is on the CD / DVD, example: a folder of e-mail jpegs, FPO's, etc.


                    Here is a sample of how I had used the old contact sheet II. With CS5.1 I have to jump thru several more hoops / steps to achieve the same thing.