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    Want to switch to CS6 from CS5.5 which I just bought.....


      Here is the story. On March 21st 2012 I purchased my MacBook Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium Student Edition. I know CS6 was going to be coming out, however I did not know it was going to be out in May. Today I learned through a link which stated something along the lines of 'those who have or will buy any CS 5.5 product on or after March 26th 2012 will be able to upgrade to CS6 for free.' I want CS6, I have CS5.5 still and it is still wrapped up. Can I return it so that I may buy CS6 when it comes out? How would I go about returning this item? If I bought this item online can I return it at an Apple store? Also, is there a pre-order option for the Student edition of CS6 through Apple? If I can not do any of this, and I end up stuck with CS5.5 how much would it be to upgrade?

      Here is the link where I read about the promotion. Can this offer even be extended to me if I purchaced this porduct through Apple?