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    EPUB, .PDF, or .Folio for iPad Book?

    ryan_uwl Level 1

      I am attempting to convert a bilingual childrens book into an iPad Viewable app but I find much of this confusing.


      There is English and Hmong text on each page... Is there a way I could create the digital book so the user could select which language would be read to them as they turn the pages? Or would I only be able to have it read in one or the other? I could have buttons on each page that play each language though right? With what types of publications would I be able to accomplish which task? Any other options?


      Also, must I create a .folio in order to have the document viewable horizontally and vertically as the user turns the ipad, (as In I create two versions of each page) Or can I do that with other exported file types?


      Finally, If you have a link to the most helpful resource on any of this I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thank You for your time,