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    Can InDesign CS6 handle pattern swatches?

    Hewer1 Level 1

      I layout catalogs and production materials for a pajama company, and I use pattern swatches extensively to depict our pajama prints on illustrated garment blanks.  I'm currently using CS3 (and trying to convince my boss to upgrade), and I have to do all my layout in Illlustrator because InDesign can't do anything with the pattern swatches.  I know I can import objects that have a pattern swatch applied, and, while it looks pixellated, prints correctly.  But where I can't alter them or re-apply the swatch or anything, it's too much of a hassle in going back and forth between the programs.  So much so, that I haven't been using InDesign at all. 

      I'm fine with creating the swatches in Illustrator, but I need to be able to create a pattern swatch pallette for InDesign or something. Anything.