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    BrowserLab times out/displays gray web page


      Hi There,


      I've used BrowserLab in the past without a hitch. I have been trying to use it for the past couple of days as follows:

      I choose File > Preview in Browser > Adobe Browser Lab from the DW menu. I checked the Browser Lab panel and I am trying to view my offline files via Local/Network. BrowserLab does open in the browser (I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari, obviously I am working on a Mac). I can log in with my Adobe ID. So far everything seems fine. But then I get there and all I see is a grey page. There are menu items at the top of the page for choosing a language, establishing browser sets and reloading, but that's it. The main area of the page is nothing but gray. I tried to refresh and received an error message that no browser sets were selected. I tried to create a new browser set (I chose a few browsers and pressed the Add Browser Set button) but nothing seems to happen. I don't see any indication of a new set being created and when I try to refresh again I get the same error message about not establishing a browser set.


      I tried going through the BrowserLab panel in DW but the same thing happened. In DW the panel displays an error message: Timed Out, failed to connect to BrowserLab (even though it seemed like I was basically seeing BrowserLab, just not able to use it).


      The other thing that is weird--it almost seems as if for just a quick moment I can see that BrowserLab tries to display my page before it goes gray.


      The offline file has been validated (HTML5 and CSS) and I can see in File > Check Page > Compatibility that there are no issues detected. So I'm fairly certain that I'm dealing with pretty clean code.


      Finally, I did check for new updates and updated Dreamweaver to CS5.5 yesterday. But, I'm still having the same issues.


      Any ideas?