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    Can Pr Pro6 export DD 5.1 audio and HD video from Pr Pro to Encore?

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      The question I continue to ask for every new version......and think should have been addressed two versions ago:

      If I upgrade to Production Premium suite 6, can I now....finally.... take my DD 5.1 audio and HDV tracks in Premiere Pro and "send" them to Encore without separating them and encoding them separately for the journey?


      So....If I think I am done in Pr Pro, and send them to Encore, and determine I need to go back for some final tweaking in Premiere pro (of course that NEVER happens! ), can I do that without having to re-render (separately) the audio and video in?

      I of course understand that if you render either with AME or with Encore and make changes, you would still have to re-render somewhere, I just think having to render the audio and video separately and then pasting or importing separately into encore is such a kludge in an otherwise smooth workflow.


      Having the warp effect in Pr Pro from after effects is great!  That round-trip to AE can be a hassle.