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    Exporting Video and Audio Results in Different Time Lengths


      I have imported a .MOV file into Premiere, I then nested a sequence.  The length of the nested sequence in Premiere shows up as 12 seconds and 3 frames.  However once I exported the video as an FLV and the audio as an AIFF into Adobe Flash, the timeline length for both the audio and video clips were 11.9 seconds.  I've tried exporting it in different formats such as H.264 and MP3 just to see if the length of the clip changes at all and it always ends up being 11.9 seconds.  For some reason, it never comes out being 12 seconds and 3 frames long like in Premiere.  And I've set the project to be 24 frames per second, and I make sure its at 24 frames per second when exporting the video as well.  Any ideas on why the length of the clip is displayed as 12 seconds and 3 frames long in Premiere but is 11.9 seconds long when exported and viewed with other programs?