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    Window does not open to full screen???

    JeffN3 Level 1

      This one has me stumped. I recently installed / upgraded to CS5.1, set up all my preferences, keyboard shortcuts, presets, plugins. All worked fine, day in - day out,  for the last three weeks.

      About three days ago this anomaly appeared...


      When I zoom in (cmd +/), the window will resize, but only part way. The window will move over flush right on the monitor, but leave about one inch of space between the window and the left side of the monitor, and increase in size until it fits aprox 2/3rds of the monitor / screen. It stops enlarging and leaves about 3 inches of space between the window and the bottom of the screen. At that point I get scroll bars. So I end up with a much smaller window to work in.

      I can grab the bottom right corner of the window, pull it open to fill the screen, but as soon as I go to zoom in or out, the window jumps back to the smaller size with the gap on the left side and bottom.

      It's driving me crazy!! having to work in such a small window.


      Option bar is "Standard Screen Mode"

      All my pallets are on a separate monitor, so nothing else is on my main monitor that would limit the size of my window as I zoom in.

      My preferences are set to:

      • Zoom Resizes Windows

      • Enable Flick Panning (works fine)

      • Animated Zoom

      OS 10.5x

      10GB ram


      I don't know if I inadvertently changed something to cause this. So I'm hoping someone here can solve this issue.


      Thanks in advance!