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    Creating Custom Size presets




      I have tried many times to create custom size documents inPSE 10 without success. 


      For example from the File Menu I select New Document and key in sizes required making any other adjustments. I name the file and close the document.

      When I open a document to select a custom preset that I have created the  Custom Box displays but the dropdown "size" box (where I need to select my preset) is Greyed out.


      Seems I am not the only one who is having difficulty with something that is normally straightforward and I wonder if the problem is down to an oversight or bug.


      Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 

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          R_Kelly Community Member

          Normally photoshop elements does not allow the user to save new document presets.

          You can add presets to the new document dialog by editing the new document text file, but that's a pain.


          This script (Create New Canvas by Paul Riggott) will save document presets and you can also add guides. However you always need to use this script to access

          the presets, they won't show in the File> New> Blank File dialog. (this script should work in pse 6 thru pse 10)

          (the only thing that won't work in elements is the cmyk setting)






          1. download and unzip the file


          2. right click on the script and choose Copy.


          3. Go to the pse 10 scripts folder, right click in an empty area and choose Paste.


          windows x64 systems:


          C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 10\Presets\Scripts


          windows 32 bit systems:


          C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 10\Presets\Scripts


          I'm not sure of the exact path for a mac system.


          4. Start or restart pse 10 and the Create New Canvas script should be listed under File>Automation Tools.



          To create a new preset, press Add New canvas after opening the script, enter the info and then press the Add canvas button and the preset should be listed in the Create New Canvas dialog.





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            Shercal1 Community Member

            Hello R_Kelly,


            The editing new doc text file didn't work for me but the script works perfectly.


            Thank you so much for your kind response.


            Best Regards

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              R_Kelly Community Member

              Your welcome. Yeah i've edited that text file before and it's no fun.

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                R_Kelly Community Member

                I saw on elements village that the link above was no longer valid.

                (i guess that was your post)


                Here's a new link that should work:



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                  Shercal1 Community Member

                  Fabululous. Thank you R.Kelly. It works a treat in PSE11 too.


                  Thanks again.