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    Book module / Blurb weird colour management issues


      I created a book using LR4 and today I received the finished item from Blurb... with a weird issue regarding the colour of the spine.


      Both the spine and typography on the front cover are supposed to be the same shade of blue (R=0, G=0, B=255). This would match a previous book I'd created with booksmart.


      Today I received the book and the spine and cover typography are different shades. The cover is correct, but the colour on the spine is not.


      In Lightroom, the colour of the spine is displayed correctly. If I export a PDF from Lightroom, the spine and cover are the same shade (the shade is correct if viewed in a colour managed app), so it would appear that Lightroom can render the PDF correctly.


      For some reason, the printed book has an incorrectly coloured spine. Its almost as if somewhere along the chain, the colour management of the spine has broken down and the incorrect shade of blue has been printed.


      Here is a screenshot of the colour of the spine and cover as the identical shade of blue when exported as a PDF: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreas-sakka/7110287043/in/photostream


      Here is a photo of the cover of the delivered book - somehow the spine and cover are now different shades: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreas-sakka/6964213960/


      Weird or what? From what I've been reading online, when LR sends the book to Blurb, it actually renders a PDF and then uploads that. If this is the case, how the h*ck can the colour management fail on a small part of the PDF?!


      I've sent a message to customer support so lets see what they say.


      Theories anyone?

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          dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

          How did you put all that graphics into the book module?

          Where did you enter the blue rgb value of 0,0,255?

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            dj_as Level 1

            The secret is... it wasn't all done in the book module!


            I convereted the photos for the covers to black and white in Lightroom. I then transferred the b&w images into photoshop (as a PSD file using Lightroom's 'edit in...' command) where I added the typography to the top of the image. I enetered the RGB values using the colour choosing icon in photoshop.


            After saving, I placed the cover image - now with typography - onto the front cover.


            To change the colour of the spine, I first selected the cover. I then scrolled down the right hand panel of the book module until I found the option for 'background colour' (I'm not sure if this is the exact wording as I don't have LR on this PC). If you click the little box, a new window appears containing the colour spectrum. In the bottom right corner of this new window, you can choose to enter a colour as RGB values or hexadecimal.


            Defining colours in this precise way, using RGB values, should mean you can accurately control the printed output.


            I've done this successfully before, although in that case I used booksmart for the book design and serif pageplus for the cover design. I don't know why it doesn't work with LR4.

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              dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

              What color space was the image in Photoshop when you entered 0,0,255 into the color picker? I assume ProPhoto.


              Can you recheck if you set 0.0.255 as page background in the Book module. Did you sample the color with the eye dropper from the photo, by any chance?

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                dj_as Level 1

                The colourspace was ProPhoto (its what I usually work in).


                The book module colour was set manually (its too easy to make a mistake with the colour picker). I think I may have set the blue value via the hex code initially and then checked that it was the correct rgb value. I have just noticed that the book module handles colours as percentages, so 0.0.255 = 0%, 0%, 100%.

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                  dj_as Level 1

                  UPDATE: blurb tech support believe the issue may lie with their Netherlands printing facility but the investigation is ongoing.