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    What is the best method to refresh display content (possibly push refresh)?

    Dolfan Alex

      We are using Coldfusion 9.0, and our issue is simple.  We were asked to make a few display screens to put up a schedule of events.  So we created a quick backend HTML publisher and made the client refresh every 30 seconds using meta refresh that displays the screen that is published.  Works wonderful.  A change is made, the screens update quickly in 30 seconds or less.


      Over the weekend we had an update push out to the server that openend up a larger issue.  The update shut down the webserver temporarily and that caused the display to go to the standard site cannot be reached (diagnose connection, etc).  At that point the refresh is killed, the display screens are dead in the water until someone hits f-5.  That made us think that everytime we have anykind of blip, the screens will have to be touched.  This is a small project, we wanted something simple and we got it.  I'm concerned now we just created a techsupport monitoring situation unintentionally.


      So that brings me to the real question.  What is the best practice to do this?  After doing a google search there seems to be all kinds of directions to go in.  I don't want a complex solution because the decision to not outsource was based on how quick of a project this was.  I am hoping to get some guidance on how to make a simple push of HTML to a screen in a Coldfusion environment.


      Thanks in advance for any help offered.