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    2 baseline grids in 1 document


      I am trying to create a document with two baseline grids. I have set up an A-master with 1 baseline grid but when I set up B-master with a different baseline grid it automatically changes the baseline of A-master (despite not being 'based on' A-Master). Can you please tell me how I can have 2 different baselines in one document? Cheers

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Baseline grid is a document property not a page property. So there is only one main baseline grid for a single document. If you need exceptions you can use a baseline grid that is tied to a text frame.



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            Baseline grid is a document property so you can only set it per document. You can set alternative grid for text box or, for a large publication, you can create multiple indesign publications and combine them in on book.

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              Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

              Build two separate masters; not based on each other. On each master page you build text frames. On each text frame go to Text Frame Options > Baseline Options > Use Custom Baseline Grid. Your leading of master A text frames can be different from master B text frames. You edit your BodyText paragraph style to Align All Lines to Baseline Grid. You can even link a text frame supplied from A to a text frame supplied by B; have text flowing through them; and the leading will change automatically. So it IS possible to have more than one baseline grid system in a document. You essentially ignore the one setup in preferences.

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