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    Missing Thumbnails

    kitjv Level 1

      I have been using ACR v.5.7 (hosted by Adobe Bridge CS4 (v3.0) for several years as part of PSE8. I recently purchased a Canon 60D DSLR & imported the RAW images into Adobe Bridge as I have using other cameras for years. However, in the Content panel of Bridge, the images do not apper as thumbnails, but rather as blank "white paper" icons. This issue has never occurred before. I might add that JPEG thumbnails appear as normal. So the problem seems to be with RAW files.


      I might point out that I am using a MacBook Pro (OS x10.7). Also, although the imported RAW images do not appear as thumbnails in Bridge, they do appear properly as thumbnails  in my home folder.


      Might there be an incompatibility between the Canon 60D & Adobe Bridge CS4 (v.3.0)? Might the Camera Raw plug-in not support the 60D?


      Hopefully someone can sort this out or me. Thank you kindly.

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          station_one Level 3

          In Bridge, go to the Tools menu and Purge the Cache for each offending folder.


          Of course, FIRST make sure your camera model is supported in ACR 5,7:



          Well, as a matter of fact, I just checked:  your camera model is NOT supported, you need at least ACR 6.2, which only works with CS5.


          You need to download the latest version free Adobe DNG Converter, 6.6 or 6.7, and convert four Canon raw files to DNGs first, then you'll be able to see the previews in Bridge and open them in ACR 5.7 hosted by CS4.

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            kitjv Level 1

            Thank you for confirming my suspicions. In the past I haven't had a reason to use the DNG Converter; now I do. My first step will be to download the Converter & familiarize myself with it. You mentioned that I should "convert four Canon raw files to DNGs first ...". Could you please explain this briefly? Thank you.


            As an addendum ...I downloaded Adobe DNG Converter 6.6. When I attempted to convert a folder containing 43 CR2 images, the DNG Converter would "hang up" after about 10 images were converted. This required a "force quit".  Is this related to my question above?


            Thank you kindly for help.


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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              How long did you leave it alone after it "hung up"?  Was there any disk drive activity?


              I believe "four" may have been a typo, where "your" was intended.



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                kitjv Level 1



                I noticed that while the conversion was taking place, there was a rotating icon in the lower left corner of Bridge indicating progress. When the process "hung", the icon was no longer there. I left it alone for about 5 minutes before I forced quit.

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                  station_one Level 3

                  kitjv wrote:


                  …"convert four Canon raw files to DNGs first ...". Could you please explain this briefly?…


                  Typo, indeed—sorry.  Should read convert your Canon raw files to raw DNGs first, then open them in ACR hosted by CS4.


                  Some users have had problems with DNG Converter 6.6, I'd definitely try the (beta) Release Candidate ACR 6.7 version.

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                    kitjv Level 1

                    I will give v6.7 a try. Thank you.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I don't use Bridge, so maybe I'm missing some integration that's supposed to be there, but I thought the DNG converter was a standalone application.  That's the only way I've ever run it.



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                        kitjv Level 1

                        You are right. When I import RAW images from my memory card to my Mac, my image transfer app automatically launches Bridge. This enables me to view which images I want to import. The images are then imported into a folder in my Home Folder. In the DNG Converter, I select the images in my Home Folder for conversion. So Bridge is not involved in the conversion to DNG.


                        BTW, I just downloaded DNG Converter 6.7RC & fired it up. For a handful of images, it successfully converted them. So, I am cautiously optimistic. So, we'll see.

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                          station_one Level 3

                          Yes, the DNG Converter is indeed a stand-alone application.


                          Be advised that if you point the DNG Converter to a folder, it will convert ALL eligible files to DNG, including any DNGs it finds there in that folder, it will re-convert them again, so make sure the folder you point it to contains only raw files from the camera.

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                            station_one Level 3

                            The reason I mention this is that, in the process of re-converting any DNGs it finds in the folder, it will ignore any edits you may have already applied to them and overwrite the original DNG, so you'll lose any and all adjustments you may have applied to them already.


                            Bridge is just an image browser, it doesn't edit or convert anything.  It just hands the files over to ACR, Photoshop, Illustrator or Microsoft Word or any other applicable application.

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                              kitjv Level 1

                              Exactly. I have a dedicated folder used only for newly-imported images.


                              Out of curiosity, I noticed that after the conversion on DNG, the icons for the camera's RAW files are still there & have to be deleted manually. Any way to have them automatically deleted? Thanks.

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                                station_one Level 3

                                There should be a setting in the DNG Converter allowing you to do that.


                                Personally, I'd keep the originals, just in case some future technology is developed to take advantage of something or other that is not currently used.