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    Indesign Events handling in my AIR CS Extension for Indesign




      I wanted to be able, from my indesign extension developped with CS Extension Builder in Actionscript/AIR, to catch the events defined in com.adobe.indesign.Event.* and handle them in this. same extension


      How Am i supposed to do that ? I can't find a way.


      And in the same idea, is it possible to catch an event of the type "when user double click on a frame in an opened indesin document" or anything like that ?


      Here is what i tryed in my actionscript code for a simple AFTER_OPEN event i tried to catch :



      this.app.eventListeners.add(com.adobe.indesign.Event.AFTER_OPEN, afterOpenHandler);



      (where this.app = InDesign.app;)




      private function afterOpenHandler(e:Event):void {

      //handling event code here




      But it was not a real surprise when it drops an error : the add() function doesnt take a simple function name as second parameters like you do in actionscript, but an "Object" or a "javascript function". How Im supposed to handle this event in my actionscript now ? is this only possible ?

      Any thoughts ?


      Thanks in advance for your time !




      PS: I also tried a dozen unsuccessful attempt like Casting my function as an Object Type in the eventListeners.add() arguments and so on....