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    Please help. Performance tips and tricks on Camera RAW 6.6 needed.


      Hello I really need your help and I want to thank you in advance for your time!! I need performance tips and tricks for Camera raw 6.6 and Bridge CS5? I have Intel i7 920, with 16GB of RAM which I thought is powerful enough to make developing in Camera RAW smooth as butter but I am not getting that performance. When I slide the settings, it has a delay for the preview and it gets worse if I apply a vignette. I usually open the camera raw file to photoshop and sometimes it does take a considerable amount of time to load. Working on photoshop is great, quick as expected, but Camera RAW makes me cringe.


      What tips and tricks would you suggest for performance boost? The best case scenario is to have the preview reflects the changes of the slider without delay. Is this possible?


      Thank you very much.