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    Upgrade options after 1 year of CS6 Cloud

    TigerKR Level 1



      I currently have CS5.5 Web Premium.


      My understanding is that I can get


      (option 1) CS6 Web Premium for $375




      (option 2) Adobe Creative Cloud for a year for $359.88.


      Let me state right off the bat that I don't need, nor want the rest of the CS apps, nor the cloud storage.


      After a year, with option 1, I am in a stable situation. If CS6.5 comes out, I can choose whether or not to upgrade. And if the past is any indication, that upgrade would probably be about $375.


      After a year, with option 2, the following year would cost $599.88.


      So here's my question, if I cancel Adobe Creative Cloud after the first year, what would my upgrade price for CS6.5 be?


      Or rather, here's the question: Is there an upgrade path from subscription to non-subscription?


      Thank you.