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    Low quality adobe reader iOS - dissapointing


      This is the first time I am disappointed from adobe. Such a low quality software and it crashes if you change orientation on my iPad 5.x

      And there is no clear way for bookmarking

      I was using kindle and was excited to use adobe reader but you guys screwed it and did not test your application well and delivered substandard software

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. We do spend quite a bit of time testing, and you may notice from many of our reviews that a number of users are quite happy with the product. However, there are millions and millions of PDF files in the wild and MANY MANY PDF generators, so our problem space is rather broad. I'd really like to understand the issue you are having. Could you please share the document with me at pawibbel@adobe.com?


          Thank you for reporting the issue.