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    Export to Facebook fails even after reinstall


      So I was exporting to FB just fine for awhile under LR4 and osx 10.7.3 and then all of a suddent it starts to fail.  I click publish and then it fails.

      No photos are uploaded to FB, no problems authroizing my account in LR.


      I've removed LR and all prefs and then reinstalled but not working.

      I try to use the other more powerful facebook plugin(http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/facebook), but I can't get it to work; it gives me an error and disables the pluging when I "install" it.


      I've reformated the computer to eliminate the possibility of it being some other software.


      The only thing I can think is that some kind of strange setting is persisting in my catalog as that is the ONLY thing to go from the previous install to the new install.


      I have removed the LR app in facebook and re-authroized/added it.  I've check the permissions in FB to make sure LR can post.


      I can't figure out whats going on and is making work a lot more... well work :/


      I hope you all can help. I really don't want to have to re make my whole catalog!