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    Tomcat Servlet Engine Management

    jdbrady67 Community Member

      Will Coldfusion 10 incorporate an upgrade/update installer method to manage the Apache Tomcat version.  The Apache products are known to require some high maintenance in the area of vulnerabilities and therefore want to make sure that Adobe has addressed the need to be able to seamlessly apply the latest Tomcat versions when a current version is known to have security issues and or otherwise any other type of vulnerabilities as a result of it's Open Source architecture.  From a System Admins stand point, it seems the architecture of applications or platforms these days are in some cases without regards to the manageability of vulnerabilities within there product and make it very cumbersome to upgrade or otherwise update the embedded java servlet engine.  It's a constant battle when engaging Product support teams when vulnerabilities are identified and trying to get them to certify the Tomcat version upgrades which can be a critical issue in public facing systems and intranets that have time sensitive requirements for mitigating critical vulnerabilities arise in such a wide open architecture as Apache/Tomcat. Don't get me wrong, moving from the JRun4 environment is certainly a positive thing with regards to the end of life of that product, but being able to keep your arms around maintaining the ColdFusion Platform on the Tomcat architecture may prove to be just as challenging if there isn't an easier way to deploy updated versions. BTW, excuse my ignorance if I have mis-spoken on anything here as this just reflects my experience in maintaining Systems in an environment where you never know what is going to surface as a result of a COTS product being introduced/deployed to your infrastructure and you ultimately end of being the SME when is becomes a problem.