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    Constant Contact html email site

    osgood_ Level 8

      Anyone had any experience with http://www.constantcontact.com ?


      My problem is this:


      I create about 5 or 6 html emailers a month for a client and ALL images are stored in individual folders on their server because they are named slice_1, slice_2, slice_3 etc. Plus its easier to manage should they have the necessity to change a slice which contains a price or something which is easily amended.


      I have another similar client who use constantcontact.com. It appears that in constantcontact you can't create folders to store your images???.......they just give you a single image library. Obviously the naming convention slice_1, slice_2 etc won't work as presumably the old image will be overwritten if I upload another one with the same name.


      Anyone else had this issue. I don't want to have to give each image an individual name because it will be a nightmare to manage. I really need the facility to contain different html email images in seperate folders. Maybe there is an option in constantcontact but I'm not seeing it?







      P.S. I guess the other option would be to house the folder/images on the clients web server and just send the html through constantcontact. Its my clients choice of html emailer handler so I can't switch to an alternative.