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    Problems with inserting HTML for Google Analytics…


      …In-Page Analytics.


      The tracking and everything else seems fine but all of a sudden I can't view the In-Page Analytics. It says:


      We've identified problems in your setup. These may cause problems loading In-Page Analytics.


      • Your site doesn't load ga.js from Google. If you host the Google tracking code on your own servers, it isn't updated automatically and can miss important changes.
      • We didn't find a tracking snippet on your site. In-Page Analytics cannot load. Please make sure you have tracking installed correctly. If your snippet is included in a separate JavaScript file, you'll have to manually check it is being loaded correctly.


      I haven't changed anything and all of a sudden it stopped working? Any ideas?Not too sure if I can post a link to my site but here it is anyway:




      It's not finished yet but this is one problem I would like sorted because it's essential I can see the way users navigate through my site. Apart form this I think Muse is a great product and please keep up the great work!!!