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    Print Preview in Reader

    ctartamella Level 1

      Under Acrobat, I have a custom PDAnnotHandler subclass which defines the print appearance of an annotation via callback.  There is no way to register a PDAnnotHandler under Reader however.  Currently, I can update the AP/N COS object directly by grabbing the DocWillPrint callback.  (I think its an AV method but don't remember exactly) and writing directly to the PDF file.  The downside to this is that when the user goes to close the file afterwards they are asked to save the document.


      The question then would be: Is there any way to define the appearance of an annotation in Reader without actually making a change to the PDF itself?  I would be satisfied as long as the user isn't asked to save.  i.e. If I could write the CosObj, print, then undo the change that would be fine.  Or if there was any way to define the print appearance directly without writing it that would be great too.  Any pointers would be appreciated.