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    Text Along A Circle

    mhossey Level 1

      Okay, I've watched a tutorial on this, and I think my illustrator preferences might be different or changed up a bit (mac)


      Whenever I click to add text to this  path, it starts the text at a different point on the path instead of directly where I clicked. If you can see it, towards the left side of the circle where it says "path" in green. Thats where I clicked, but as you can see the actual text would start a little further on the right side


      How can I change this


      Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.43.23 AM.png



      Also I will add. Once I do type my text it is no longer selectable. After typing I switch up to my direct select tool, and as I hover over the text nothing happens. I cant select it, I can only select the blue bars on the sides of it. I want to be able to select my text also. Shouldnt the blue bars be at the end and the beginning of the text, not so far away from it


      Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.47.14 AM.png

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          You really need to read the help files about text on path how to move the center handle and select text.


          If you get the direct sect tool click trhe text to select the path type and you see the handles one in the center of the tex the other two tothe left and right of the text.


          To move the garb one of those handles and draag left or right


          to select the text for editing select the text tool and select the text by dragging over the text with the text tool to highlight the text you wish to edit to asd text use the text tool and click on the text path to insert the insertion marker.

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            mhossey Level 1

            Ok I'll read the help files, are they in the illustrator forum?


            I know I can move the text back and forth with the handles, but the handles should be right up against the text in the tutorial I watched. My handles are spaced away from the text, so when I drag my text it will only go a certain length (I used the scissor tool to cut the middle path into 2, becuase I will be using the bottom half for another piece of text).


            Any thought on when I click on a certain area of the path, the text starts at a different area?    

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              You do not nave a cricle you half a circcle.

              Can you see that you have an open path?


              look in the layers panel and you will see tha you have two half circle paths.


              what you have to do is join the two halves or draw a new circle.


              You apparently cut this path in two that is why it is behaving ddifferently.

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                mhossey Level 1

                Here is the video I am following, I just need my Illustrator to act like his. I just reset my preferences, and that helped some of the issues. When I click on the path now, that is where my text starts.



                Is there a way to manually move the handles that slide the text around the circle? I want to have the left handle at the end of the half circle (like it already is) and half the right handle at the other end, so I can hit command+shift+c and center this thing. I want it to work like it should, I know I can drag the text to the middle until it aligns with the snap guide, but I feel like their might be a problem in my settings as to why its acting a little funny


                Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 12.40.04 PM.png

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                  mhossey Level 1

                  Dont worry, I got now thanks!

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                    Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                    To save you having to centre the type manually you might try Align Center in the Paragraph panel