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    Can the Logitec G510 be used to programme macro's with Adobe Software?


      As I cant find any answers else where on the internet - lets see what you guys can do!


      The Logitec keyboard in question (The G510) has "G" keys that can be used to create macro's. Now this is usually for computer games as it is a gaming keyboard - but Im wanting to find out if it can be used to programme macro's in Adobe software. For Example: - converting files from RGB to CMYK


      Now I know its possible to create macro's already - but im wanting to know if you can do it throught the keyboard and save them.


      As a graphic designer - meeting deadlines is everything, and after seeing this keyboard I asked myself this question.


      Im not going to invest in it if it cant do it as it's price varys from £70 - £100 which is fairly steep, I just need a new keyboard and though do I upgrade 'significantly' or just get another standard keyboard



      Cheers for reading - looking forward to hearing anyones replies!