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        Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

        Lundberg02 wrote:


        I'm paying for 50 but have never seen it.

        Sheesh!  I know people here still on dial-up, and because of the intereferance from electric fences out in the country, they are lucky to get 30bps.  They laid UFB cable along my road a month or so back, but we are several months away from it being switched on, and more before I can expect fibre into my house.


        This was taken 20th Feb this year.  Note it took two tractors to drag the cable laying machine through the rocky soil.


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          Lundberg02 Level 3

          This house had undergound fiber from day one, but CableOne wasn't offering better speed than wireless for a reasonable price six years ago, so I struggled with the wireless company's lousy reliablity for a couple years and then took the cheapest cable service at 5 mbps. Apparently competitive forces especially in phone service made CableOne upgrade everything and allowed them to offer HDTV, reliable phone, and "highspeed" internet bundled for 33 bucks apiece. Of course my actual bill is another 47 bucks for tv boxes, fancy modem, some kind of channel package, and taxes. I guess I could buy all the boxes and the modem, but then they wouldn't give me free service calls two or three times a year when something screws up.. Lately the cable remotes are not behaving, so I guess I'll have to call them about it.  Usually takes five or six calls late at night to get a tech who actually knows what he's talking about and not reading a script, but they are Americans in Colorado or Arizona at least.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I'm bumping Noels OTT raid 0 thread because I have just found out how hard drives are progressing nowadays.  I need to set up another raid 0 for my video project drive, and while I could probably just replace the dead 300Gb VelociRaptor I am more inclined to get a pair of drives to make sure they will play nicely together.  While looking into that, I see that the latest generation VelociRaptor VR333M has taken things a step further, and can manage 200Mbs.  That's pretty impressive, and I would love to use them if I could get hold of a couple.  (They are not listed in NZ at the moment)




            If anyone is up on drives, and has suggestions for alternatives, then I am looking for the info please.


            The above table was nabbed from:


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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              If you're going to spend money on storage, why not spend a bit more and do what I did?  It'll be more future-proof.


              Assuming your RAID controller is up to the task, your prospective 400 MB/s speed with a pair of VR333Ms could be over 1 GB/s with even just a pair of Vertex 3 SSDs.  You'll see near zero latency, and they might even be more reliable than the electromechanical drives, especially if you power-down your system when not using it (heating/cooling cycles).


              I've been running my array now for 3 weeks (computer is on 24/7) and it's been rock solid.  Not so much as one error logged in the event logs.  And it's fassssst!



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