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    Design view and browser view in DW are different than when I view from local folder


      I'm brand new to Dreamweaver CS5.5 and here is my problem:


      I've made an html page in dreamweaver with a banner, with an additional graphic and some text on top of the banner.  It displays just fine in every browser when I view from the local folder, but when I open DW and view, it displays incorrectly in all three design, live and browser views within DW.  If I make changes to the css file until it views correctly in design view, it no longer displays correctly from the local folder and it still doesn't view correctly in live or browser view within DW.  If what I'm doing isnt going to display accurately in any of the views provided by Dreamweaver as compared to the live server, whats the point in having this software?  I could just keep building webpages in notepad and uploading with CoreFTP.


      Any suggestions?  Is it some setting that I dont know about that I need to change within DW?   Please help.