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    Using CF 8 with Oracle RAC environment




      I am working with a client who uses Oracle as their Database.  This part is no issue.  However, they are running in a RAC environment.  I cannot see any way to setup the data source in the Admin to accommodate this redundancy.  Does anyone work with this type of environment?  PS - I am using the built in Oracle driver with CF 8 Enterprise.


      Thanks, Mike

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Hi Mike

          I've never had to do this before, but I just googled "jdbc orcle rac" and there's a whole swag of stuff covering it, and it seems reasonably straight fwd.


          Have you had a look through some of those links?




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            You can connect to Oracle RAC by creating a new datasource and choosing the driver as *other* in CF admin.


            Please check the following post for more info.This is more specific to CF9 but I think this may work with CF8 also:-


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              I've gone down this road before with Oracle drivers. Re: CF8/CF9.....If you don't use the coldfusion enterprise version with the native driver, coldfusion is limited with how it can handle store procedure requests.

              In other words, the jdbc driver is free, and you get what you pay for.... save yourself the migrane...don't use it.

              Calling datasource within a RAC is just pointing to different instances as data source names within the <cfquery/> object.


              In a RAC environment, you'll have to create new seperate data source names,

              and use the native oracle driver for each one, pointing each name to a different oracle identifer (SID or whatever they use to seperate the instances).

              That should work.

              When you call your <cfquery/> you'll be using one of the datasource names. You can't call two different datasource names on the same query.

              Coldfusion is not designed to be a RAC.

              Coldfusion has it's own clustering functionality, but beware. It's complex and it has nothing to do with the oracle layer.